About the Artist: Heiko Weiner

Heiko started his woodworking journey in Germany more than 30 years ago. His grandpa, an avid carpenter, often took him out to his own woodshop. As a result, he had the fortune of being taught the traditional European craft starting at a young age.

The woodworkers he learned from at the time were making a living building toys and carving figurines. Over the years he learned that successful woodworking requires mastering many different techniques.

After moving to the US from Germany in 1994, he spent the following years between Colorado, West Virginia, Michigan, and Texas.  During this time, he kept expanding his visibility by taking on numerous custom projects ranging from furniture to a variety of other, more decorative items for the home. Although he does not exclusively turn wood, it is noticeable that this is something he enjoys greatly.

Over the years, Heiko has succeeded in developing his own, distinctive style.  He combines wood with other natural materials, such as essential oils, semi-precious stones, bone, and metal.  He enjoys the challenge of applying various precise techniques required for this type of work. Hence, each individual piece, regardless of size and complexity, is unique and one of a kind.  His art work is shown in fine art shows across the country. Under his registered trademark, Heiko serves customers worldwide. He creates segmented decorative bowls, vases, wooden jewelry, and customized items for clients with an interest in unique and one-of-a-kind décor.

Heiko is married, and lives with his wife Katrina and two children in Pasadena, Texas.