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     Welcome to my Gallery & Store. I create wooden bowls, vessels, and other items that are unique, decorative, and functional.

     I started working with wood in Germany more than 30 years ago. My grandpa, an avid carpenter, often took me out to his shop. So I had the fortune of being taught the traditional European craft starting at a young age. Some of the woodworkers I learned from at the time were making a living building toys and carving figurines. 

     Over the years, I managed to find my own, distinctive style by combining wood with other natural materials, such as essential oils, semi-precious stones, bone, and metal. Each individual piece, regardless of size and complexity, is unique and one of a kind.

     In case you are shopping for some unique home accessories or a special occasion, check the store for handmade segmented bowls and vases. Each item listed here is one-of-a-kind. You can select one you see on the site, but I also like to incorporate your own pattern or design if you have a specific request.

     If you are shopping for something truly unique, check out the selection of wooden jewelry.  All items are unique, and some were finished using essential oils. The pendants are made from exotic woods, semi-precious stones, and Sterling Silver.

     Feel free to contact me directly for a special project or commission.

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